New Release

Migration Suite is a music project that was inspired by the 2015 European Migration Crisis.  It was originally conceived and featured as part of "Laundromat " - an art project with Ai Weiwei documenting the journey of refugees to Europe.  Three of the five movements are featured in this animation video by Lala Cifuentes.

Using experimental sound, minimalism and free jazz exploration, Migration Suite is an auditory expression of the refugee journey.  It provides a counterpoint to the the often overpowering visual images we see on the news or documentaries.  This piece was conceived as a different way to understand and perceive of the issues around refugees.  Migration Suite was recorded in full last year by a group of diverse international jazz musicians in Berlin, Germany.

As the composer and one of the performers in the piece, Migration Suite is a very personal project for me.  My hope is that with your support this is a piece that could have a concrete impact.

Music by Ray Sandoval.  Animation by Lala Cifuentes.  © 2020 Ray Sandoval.  All rights reserved.