The Cosmic Trio 

At times I am awoken in the middle of the night by an inner voice that says “Hey man, get off your ass and get to work.” I say to myself, “I know, I know” and go back to sleep.  I am enjoying this time off to be in peace and enjoy life.    

I want to share a project from last year before the pandemic happened.  It is my pursuit of wonder and enjoyment.    

It is called the “The Cosmic Trio” featuring Javier Vercher on woodwinds, Garry Jackson on electric bass, and me on electric guitar.  It is a very special project that Javier recorded by chance.  It is raw and unedited. 

New Release - WHAT IS NOW

 WHAT IS NOW is a question but also a statement, my reflection on the tectonic shifts occurring in our world today.  It is both a departure and a return:  An exploration beyond the boundaries of my earlier work as well as a homecoming with old friends.  

In Migration Suite, the intent was to create a composition that was also a soundscape.  It was originally composed as part of an art project to document the dangerous journey of migrants across the Mediterranean.  I wanted the sound to capture both the siren song of hope and the dissonance of fear.  

Southern Wind is an introspection. The piece was recorded during the long months of confinement when the world was shuttered by COVID-19.  The rigor of the creative process has helped me to navigate through the pandemic, even as we face an uncertain future.  

I am very fortunate to have good friends who happen to be truly great musicians.  Rumba Blues is a celebration of those friendships and our shared delight in music and sound, undimmed by time or distance.  

In fact, all the musicians who contributed to this recording played like there was no tomorrow.  They are an inspiration to me.  I am proud of all our creative work in this project.  I hope you will enjoy it too.

 "Nourishment for the Musically Inquisitive"