Ray Sandoval

is a composer and musician currently based in Valencia, Spain. 

Born in Arizona, Sandoval began his music career at CalArts in Los Angeles where he played with celebrated jazz artists such as Larry Koonse, Derek Oles, and Miroslav Tadic.  He then toured with Grammy award-winning bands Quetzal and Los Lobos before receiving the JUSFC Creative Artist Grant to perform with shakuhachi master Hozan Yamamoto.  Recently,  he collaborated with renowned installation artist Ai Weiwei to compose the music for 'Laundromat' - a short documentary film installation critiquing Europe's migration crisis. 

Sandoval's compositions draw on his unique range of life experiences.  He grew up on the South side of Tucson to a Mexican father and a Japanese mother, absorbing music from two very different traditions.  Having studied composition in Paris, Sandoval expanded further by incorporating Latin American folk music, Spanish flamenco guitar, and Indonesian gamelan into his jazz and classical work.  All of these combine to create a melodic sound that is, at once, foreign yet hauntingly familiar. 

Sandoval continues to perform internationally throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States.