Tapas de Monk

I hope we are learning many things about ourselves and our loved ones during this unique time in the world.  I hope most of it is positive and that we are reflecting on what is important to us. 

I decided to put together some short videos entitled “Tapas de Monk.”  Thelonious Monk is one of my favorite jazz musicians so I finally had the guts to record these.  They are short pieces of some of my favorite Monk tunes.  I think it is a right of passage for many jazz musicians to learn these tunes and break them down as they give an insight into what jazz is.  Monk played with rhythm, harmony and form constantly throughout his music.  His unique voice is weaved within his compositions and improvisations. 

Please check out my Instagram as I plan on releasing these arrangements weekly.  This gives me the chance to connect and hopefully brighten your day. 


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