A La Naturaleza

Ray Sandoval

The romance of the Spanish guitar blended with other world and classical elements to make for an exotic and beautiful album.

Bryon Holley - Drums Rene Camacho - Acoustic Bass Art Hirahara - Piano (2,6) Wayne Peet - Piano (4) Edson Gianesi - Percussion (1,2,4,6) Kiko Cornejo Jr. - Percussion (1,3,7) Joao Junqueria - Vocals Rocio Marron - Violin (8) Fang Fang Xu - Cello (8) Ray Sandoval - Guitar

Beautifully arranged, it's a fine album of aural poetry, by turns languid, dramatic, and slightly intoxicating. (Bliss, Pasadena Weekly - 7/22/99)

Tasteful, combining relaxed impressionistic landscapes with melodies. (Jim Santella, L.A. Jazz Scene - October 1, 1999)

Boda de Sangre (Blood Wedding)

This passionate song was inspired by the great Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca's play "Blood Wedding". The play "Blood Wedding" was written in 1938, and depicts the hidden passion and intensity of forbidden love that is embedded within the play's story line.

A La Naturaleza (To Nature)

Spawned by the influence of love, this beautiful song depicts nature and its inconsistencies. The changes in meter reflect fluid, cyclical changes of nature, and human life's integral part in its totality. "A La Naturaleza" reflects the artist's own attempts to find harmony with nature.

Tempestad (The Storm)

Influences from Cuba offer inspiration for this dark tune. This sensual piece makes love to the ear as it ingrains itself deep in the soul with the strumming of fingers on the guitar and rhythmic strokes of the dark bass.

Moon Song

Influenced by Brazilian rhythm and melody this song provides moonlight in the form of melody that dominates the piece. At times the moonlight shines fully, while at others we feel it in spurts. Its inconstant, cyclical changes mesmerize yet provide us with lucid serenity all at once.


"Earth" creates a visual picture of nature. The opening phrase of the piece serves as a reference point which is constantly reintroduced like the cycles that exist on earth. Tension is created by dissonant chords being syncopated over pedal tones creating a disturbed landscape but the tension is released by a harmonious melody that provides continuity to the form and gives a hopeful outlook of the earth in which we live.


Nostalgia hits and the artist probes in the confines of his mind. There lie days of old where the natural occurrences during June and July plague the sky of Tucson, Arizona. Imagine the introduction of winds followed by a vibrant red sky where swarms of gray clouds follow and threaten to swallow one. The voice within the song "Monsoon" adds peace of mind to pacify human fears amongst the existence of this unknown entity we call nature.

Con la Lengua en la Mano (With Language in his Hand)

This song is an emblem of mestizaje, a convoluted and diluted mixture of rhythms and sound tracing its roots from India, Spain and Cuba.

Para la Gente de Chiapas (For the People of Chiapas)

January 1, 1994 - Hundreds of years of political repression are the catalyst for a political uprising by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) . The EZLN surprised the government of Mexico by taking over San Cristobal de las Casas, the capital of Chiapas, as well as other neighboring towns in a stand against the persisting violation of human rights and to bring forth the recognition of the social and economic injustices that have for centuries plagued the indigenous people of Mexico. The uprising was also in protest of the NAFTA trade agreement, which took effect on the first of that year, and used to send a clear message to the Mexican government - "Basta" (enough). The struggle within the state of Chiapas was the inspiration for "Para la Gente de Chiapas". This beautiful song is the product of consciousness and written with hope for the people of Chiapas.

Special Thanks:

To my family and friends who all inspired my work and to all the musicians who contributed their talents to the recording.

Graphic Design by Edson Gianesi

Mixed by Wayne Peet at New Zone Studio

Liner Notes by Cristina Nava

Photography by Julie Chavez and Lowell Crystal

Copyright 1999 Ray Sandoval All Selections ASCAP, Ray Sandoval Music

All Rights Rerserved Unauthorized Duplication is a violation of applicable laws

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