"Too Many Notes" Sheet Music is here!  

I have had some inquiries about performing my music, so I have decided to have my sheet music available online to download.  Please check it out on the website.

They are all printed professionally and scored out instead of in my chicken scratch handwriting.  These are solo guitar pieces for now, but I will soon upload scores for ensemble performances.

Thank you for the support, and remember to keep a keen ear for detail.

MacArthur Fellowship 

I wanted to share some good news about Martha Gonzalez, a recipient of a MacArthur Genius Grant in the USA.  I am very proud of my friend and old bandmate.  Her winning this award is a win for all of us. 

It’s nice to see people who begin with a humble beginning and achieve a prestigious award.

Check her out singing on Colores de Realidad from Mi Ofrenda on my website.  Also on the numerous recordings the group Quetzal has released.  If you didn’t know, there was a period when I was in Los Angeles performing with Quetzal.  

Felicidades Martha!

Pandemic Over? 

I am starting to enjoy my life, I always felt like I had something to do and create but now I am living.  

I am very fortunate to have the basics to provide for my family.  I have a studio to create art, my son and good friends, and family.  What more can you ask for?  

I will start a weekly session soon amongst friends to keep the positivity going.  All is fine, I am not touring and traveling. Let’s see what happens in the future.  

It has been rainy weather lately here, it is like living in London again.  I hope the sunshine will appear soon.  

I have been listening to Joy Crookes who keeps my pop appetite content.  My son is getting me into drill music and I am trying to play Coltrane changes.  

That is about it.  I went to the states to check in with my dad and family.  Quite strange to be back there, it seems very polarized.  I am at a place where I feel like a foreigner there although I speak the language.  Culture is changing, and the new generation has some really good ideas.  My conclusion is that change is natural and I can’t judge people for becoming more politically left or right.    

The nicest thing I did was reconnect with all my old homies in Tucson.  They are doing well and still working it.    

Good to be back here living the life I have.  I am looking for the next project but in no hurry.  

Ugh, taxes are on the horizon. 

Here are some pictures from a recent Italy trip.

The Cosmic Trio 

At times I am awoken in the middle of the night by an inner voice that says “Hey man, get off your ass and get to work.” I say to myself, “I know, I know” and go back to sleep.  I am enjoying this time off to be in peace and enjoy life.   

I want to share a project from last year before the pandemic happened.  It is my pursuit of wonder and enjoyment.   

It is called the “The Cosmic Trio” featuring Javier Vercher on woodwinds, Garry Jackson on electric bass, and me on electric guitar.  It is a very special project that Javier recorded by chance.  It is raw and unedited.

The Cosmic Trio · Push Play and Go.

What is now - New Release 

I would like to take the time and share with you my new recording, WHAT IS NOW. 

It was conceived as a vinyl release so there are two sides to it.  Side A contains an abstract sound composition entitled, Migration Suite:  Music for Woodwinds and Jazz Ensemble.  This recording was recorded live in Berlin in September 2019. 

Side B contains two songs, Southern Wind and Rumba Blues, that were recorded during the initial Covid-19 lockdown during the months of April, May, and June.  These songs were recorded in various parts of the world.  I called friends in London, Los Angeles, and Tucson who had the ability to record at home.  The music reflects much more of coming home for me and a different style from Side A. 

I have a wide variety of tastes and I wanted to share these with you.  I know I demand a lot from the listener but that is how I work.  These are meaningful compositions to me, hence the limited vinyl release.  I hope you can hear something that you can connect with on this special recording. 

The process for me was a cathartic experience.  It digs deep into my subconscious about human belonging.