Próxima Parada

I just uploaded a few songs from the new CD for you to hear. Here is an excerpt from the liner notes of the CD to give you an idea of the concept. Enjoy!

"My latest stop is London, where I have been very fortunate to work with some outstanding musicians, including my friend Satin Singh.  This album was recorded with just Satin on percussion and me on guitar. I wanted to strip it down for a more intimate feel.  Satin's passion for Afro-Cuban music has shaped the unique sound on this recording, grounding my compositions with his complex rhythms.  

Listen to his conga percussion on 'Round Midnight.  It gives a whole new interpretation to the classic.  I Do is anchored by the deep spirituality of rumba.  And his bata percussion on Passage and Indian congas on Road to Jericho provide a driving beat that lays the foundation for both pieces.  The result is a rich sound produced from the simplest, most basic instrumentation."

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