Apa kabar?

I am writing from Bali, Indonesia. Its sunny, hot and humid. If you've never been here its quite an unique place. It has a tropical feel with many culture activities happening daily. Every summer I take time off to reflect and work on new compositions here.

I have been practicing yoga and gender wayang lately. This keeps my mind at peace and rejuvenates me. It is so humbling to play a different instrument and musical language. I have played guitar for the most part of my life but playing a foreign instrument and learning these ancient tunes is such a challenge.

I have two new shows to announce. Tokyo and Ubud. It would be great to see some familiar faces at the shows. The last time I played Tokyo was in 2006, so I am really looking forward to being back there in Shibuya on August 1. I lived there for a couple of years so I will be calling some of my old friends for a drink and kanpai.

Last year I played the Ubud Concert Series and I am happy they have asked me back again. I stay in Canggu when I am in Bali but I really like Ubud. There is a nice energy there, creative and positive. The House of Mask and Puppetry is a special place. My trio will perform on August 8 at 8:00 p.m.

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