Composing Again :) 

I am working on some exciting new projects for the summer.  Here is a sample of a piece for woodwinds.


Spring in Berlin 

Ok. So I have neglected writing in my journal for a while. Life goes by quickly. Spending time with my son has been my priorities these days.  I have taken a step back from social media to see how I feel. I must admit its pretty nice not posting anything.  I was never the person to post often but if I felt I should share an idea or interesting article, I said it.  Too much is going on in the world these days,  so its nice to focus on the things that matter to you. 

I have been spending my days arranging…

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I remember this piece back in the day. 

I am trying to make time to read and listen more. I came across this piece recently.  When I was at CalArts I was so much into Jazz, I didn't realize the depth of this piece playing with Miroslav.   

Izvor by Miroslav Tadic with Dusan Bogdanovic

I have moved! 

Berlin has a great vibe. It reminds me of a college town with an international feel. There is good food with many vegetarian options. Transport is good and cycling is common. And cheaper than London! All these things all agree with my preference for living in a city.  

I need to learn German but many speak english here which is helpful. Of course I haven't experienced winter here so let's talk next year and I can give you my thoughts on how great this city is! ;)

Berlin: home for a while :-)) https://t.c

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