Oscars 2020 

Happy to see the academy got it right this year in my opinion.  It was my favorite movie last year.  Also congratulations to Hildur Guðnadóttir who got an Oscar for Best Original Score in a Motion Picture.  We crossed paths a few years ago while I was in Berlin and happy to see someone as talented and hard working as her to win the award. :))


Mediterranean Coast, Spain 

I have moved to Spain from Berlin and enjoying the lifestyle here.  I called a few musicians in Barcelona and did a jam which is on my latest news page on my website to celebrate. Please check it out and come along with me on this new journey :-)))


Not many people know how much of a basketball fan I am.  My close friends do but many others think I am just a musical geek, in which I am but always been a fan of sports.  I have said many times, I am a failed athlete who turned into a musician. :-)) 

I want to share this excerpt I wrote while I was living in Berlin, it is dated April 14, 2016. 

What can I say? Kobe has retired and yes….. i know its been covered too many times, but for me its been a look into my past. I have always been critical of Kobe…

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Spring in Berlin 

Ok. So I have neglected writing in my journal for a while. Life goes by quickly. Spending time with my son has been my priorities these days.  I have taken a step back from social media to see how I feel. I must admit its pretty nice not posting anything.  I was never the person to post often but if I felt I should share an idea or interesting article, I said it.  Too much is going on in the world these days,  so its nice to focus on the things that matter to you. 

I have been spending my days arranging…

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I remember this piece back in the day. 

I am trying to make time to read and listen more. I came across this piece recently.  When I was at CalArts I was so much into Jazz, I didn't realize the depth of this piece playing with Miroslav.   

Izvor by Miroslav Tadic with Dusan Bogdanovic