Not many people know how much of a basketball fan I am.  My close friends do but many others think I am just a musical geek, in which I am but always been a fan of sports.  I have said many times, I am a failed athlete who turned into a musician. :-)) 

I want to share this excerpt I wrote while I was living in Berlin, it is dated April 14, 2016. 

What can I say? Kobe has retired and yes….. i know its been covered too many times, but for me its been a look into my past. I have always been critical of Kobe, never really liking him. Living in LA during that time I felt part of the city, part of the energy there. Kobe and Shaq was great. However Kobe brought two more championships with Pau Gasol. He became a better shooter later in his career and one of the great clutch shooters. I always denied him him greatness, being critical of him. 

Watching his last game against Utah made me realise his greatness. I always said, “well he’s not Michael Jordan,” but really he was not, he was Kobe.  The last game was not pretty but all means but his last five minutes he willed himself to once again greatness. He knew the stage and was comfortable in it.  Not many people have the mental strength to do that.  He was on a stage of 10 million people watching and gave us 60 points and clutch shooting as he did throughout his career.  Who does that? I don’t know but he has proven to me that he is truly one of the greats.

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