Back In London

I can feel autumn in the air and its good to be back here. It's nice to be riding my bicycle again and using public transport. The three P's that make life easier here in London are: Parks, Pubs and Public transport. If you have been here or visited, I think you get the jest of what I mean. I guess that makes up for the grey and rainy weather.

I have a couple of cool gigs to announce for September at Nomad Jazz venue. This Thursday and the following Thursday. I will be playing some of my originals and some funky Latin stuff with the Cabrones Buenos. When we get together its always fun and enjoyable.

Nomad is the best known unknown place on old street. 

Also I haven't written about my trip out in Asia. I will get to that soon as it was a wonderful experience meeting old and new friends and playing with some great musicians. :)

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