Ray Sandoval

La Mezquita


I always felt that the performances on my last recording Proxima Parada were recorded prematurely. It was done in a few days and live in the studio. I really never felt like the pieces had matured to their best performances. It is a jazz mentality so I was fine with it. I am finally feeling like the compositions for that recording are under my hands.

This piece was written Cordoba, Spain during my brief stay there one summer. That city has a very unique spirit and has a history that that is reflected in the beautiful mosque, La Mezquita.

This is a video Xavi and I shot live in London in February, 2015. 




Just saw Iñárritu's #Birdman and was surprised! It was his best work since Amores Perros. #cinema #michealkeaton #antoniosanchez

— Ray Sandoval (@sandovalray) January 9, 2015


"I think everybody now is a celebrity. They want a space in social media. Everybody is looking for validation, no matter who you are, and I think that's a need of the human condition - to look for affection or recognition or validation. I think just the ways people are getting it is different [in this] self-absorbed society." - Alejandro González Iñárritu



Vaihingen, Germany


Someone captured part of the concert on an iphone. Thank you for doing that as I'm not always prepared to record myself!




Vaihingen, Germany Review

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"I don’t feel that jazz, especially today, is entertainment music. It’s challenging music."

"Our levels of gun violence are off the charts."