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The Theory of Happy Living :)



News Overload!


I remember this piece back in the day.


I am trying to make time to read and listen more. I cam across this piece recently.


Izvor by Miroslav Tadic


Obama Speaks


If you can make it to about 33:00, it is really nice moment.


The order is rapidly fading.

I have moved!


Berlin has a great vibe. It reminds me of a college town with an international feel. There is good food with many vegetarian options. Transport is good and cycling is common. And cheaper than London! All these things all agree with my preference for living in a city.  

I need to learn German but many speak english here which is helpful. Of course I haven't experienced winter here so let's talk next year and I can give you my thoughts on how great this city is! ;)


La Mezquita


I always felt that the performances on my last recording Proxima Parada were recorded prematurely. It was done in a few days and live in the studio. I really never felt like the pieces had matured to their best performances. It is a jazz mentality so I was fine with it. I am finally feeling like the compositions for that recording are under my hands.

This piece was written Cordoba, Spain during my brief stay there one summer. That city has a very unique spirit and has a history that that is reflected in the beautiful mosque, La Mezquita.

This is a video Xavi and I shot live in London in February, 2015. 




Just saw Iñárritu's #Birdman and was surprised! It was his best work since Amores Perros. #cinema #michealkeaton #antoniosanchez

— Ray Sandoval (@sandovalray) January 9, 2015


"I think everybody now is a celebrity. They want a space in social media. Everybody is looking for validation, no matter who you are, and I think that's a need of the human condition - to look for affection or recognition or validation. I think just the ways people are getting it is different [in this] self-absorbed society." - Alejandro González Iñárritu



Vaihingen, Germany


Someone captured part of the concert on an iphone. Thank you for doing that as I'm not always prepared to record myself!